Greater Experience

Indobit started working on management information system and web development projects in 2005 and has become the most well-known experienced partner in IT frontier. Our objective is to give our client self-regard in facing technology defiance by focusing on ultimate web development projects.

Professional Assistance

Our Solid team of professionals are well experienced, skilled and well-motivated management professionals (both Strategic and Operational Experts) to provide the most effective and efficient single window business intelligence and quality services to our client base worldwide.

High-End Processes

Indobit doesn’t believe in average work; we give maximum high-end processes and time proven methodologies to work on design, development and e-marketing projects. Research, prototyping, and testing are part of routine at Indobit.

Quality Commitment

Quality and customer satisfaction are our most important guiding principles. In every aspect of our business, we are continuing its commitment to world-class development standards. We incorporate environmental awareness, as well as the protection and advancement of our employees in all areas. This is just one reason why our clients are loyal.

All-in- one Solutions Provider

Becoming Indobit clients. You are not only get access to web design and development experts but also have marketing minds with vast experience in PPC, SEO, research, and analysis at their disposal. So, with all types of web experts at one place, clients don’t need to go anywhere else.

Excellent Support

Indobit standing by client during technical glitches. We offer 12 month technical support for bugs and errors to help clients sail through the initial project phase. This is the least we can do for continuous patronage and loyalty.


Indobit has been one of the best web development and online marketing companies in the world since 2005. This has been possible because an experienced team of professionals, a strong and diverse clientele extending all over the world, partners, investors, vendors and stakeholders. Over decade we develop partnerships with many web service providers where we have worked for the best and received positive feedback.


Strategic Alliance



Indobit Technologies is a privately funded entity that offers IT solutions in the field of creative design, development, forex media partnership and e-marketing to physical & web based businesses in wide range. Found in 2005, Indobit preserved itself constant nature to grow in global brand that believes in value creation for clients, investors and stakeholders resembled.


Indobit Technologies running a business web design and development since 2001. Our specialists are web-based application programming, application and network security, as well as the graphic design Business Marketing.

Indobit Technologies aimed at taking care of the activities required in System Information, create or develope software, management information systems digital, design, digital, internet marketing and promotion, media planning software and e-business, coaching and training, as well as enterprises run Print and online Publishing, Advertising and Publishing Books, procurement of goods and services in the form of conventional and online businesses as in foreign currency exchange online (online changer), by fulfilling the conditions set by Bank Indonesia.


Alex l. Setiawan

Chief Executive Officer

Rosi Abimanyu Yusuf

Chief Operating Officer

Deddy Febriyadi

Chief Technology Officer

Aan Khasaanah

Project Manager

Erfita Zahra

Chief Marketing Officer