Customized web programming service developed by Indobit Technologies has made economically affordable for professionals who wants astounding websites with unique features. Indobit Technologies are empowering business owners to grab online projects without worrying about the budget.


Content Management System based websites makes it easy for rookie to manage their websites without having the programming skills as a requirement. CMS made simple to update content and adding images. With numerous of templates, interactive modules and miscellaneous extension, CMS website packages has all the benefits at the best price.


Wordpress technology nowadays well known as the most popular website and blog development platform in the world. In order to maximize the open source technology. Indobit Technologies provides you high skilled web designer and development teams of professionals that would bring the best out of Wordpress development solution.


Going everywhere made easy by our travel portal development management system. Everything designed precisely for your needs from the moment you step your feet into the world into your travel destination. We make you feel secure with punctuality to bring the best out of your holidays and special moments abroad. Featuring Travel API integration for airline booking, hotel booking, travel packages, bus booking, car rental, cruise booking and insurance. We provide white labeled solution for travel website development and travel booking software projects.

3rd Party APIs Integration

Innovators want to release great APIs, fantastically successful and widely adopted. These APIs have to be easy to use and deliver compelling amounts of value. Ready! API provides an easy, cost-effective approach to maintaining proactive issue detection, secure, high performance APIs throughout their delivery lifecycles. Indobit Technologies helps you stay focused on innovation while making sure you protect your assets before releasing your great ideas to the world.

Certify API functionality

Thoroughly test API’s functionality, compatibility, and accuracy uses data-driven input and validation from spreadsheets and databases to ensure tests are comprehensive.

Validate API performance

Test an APIs ability to scale under load. Use functional API tests to quickly spin up load against APIs to understand performance under load, where the problems are, and to prioritize what has to be fixed before roll out.

Virtualize APIs to expedite utilization development

Virtualize APIs with Advanced Mocking Developing applications using APIs that are themselves under development, can dramatically slow development. Using production APIs or third party APIs during application testing can bring a different set of problems. Employ virtual APIs to remove common barriers faced when developing, testing, and simulating conditions against APIs.

Review API Safeguard

We make sure APIs are put through all the security paces without incurring high licensing and time costs. The result? Safer APIs delivered as a matter of standard development processes.


Initial catch device-specific complication

Access real devices to create vigorous mobile tests. Get complete access to hardware of a mobile device while creating automated tests. Test for sensor data behavior such as GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Run tests in portrait or landscape mode to find usability issues.

Perform Continuous Integration Testing

Integrate with source control systems like Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Use out of the plugins for build tools like Jenkins to run tests as a part of automated builds and reduce manual handoffs. Attach test logs to Jira and other defect tracking tools without manual intervention.

Automate examining at all layers

Go beyond the GUI layer and drive automated tests at the underlying API layer. Quickly pinpoint issues at the GUI or the API layer. Reduce debugging time by providing testing teams an instant accessibility to changes made to tests at GUI, API or service levels.

Reiterate tests to reduce testing time

Automate measurement for native, hybrid, or iOS and Android apps. Create trials once and run it on multiple devices having different screen sizes and resolutions. Get full access to internal objects and methods of mobile app. Support for iOS 9.1 and Swift included. Capture screen shots during runtime for prompt test debugging.


Under Indobit Technologies management, our programmers are available at your service. We are the frontier in web designing field. Full time programmers allow you to concentrate on your core businessand save lots of costs with these outsourcing professionals.

Why Hire Full Time Programmer in Indobit Technologies?

Ease of use

Hired Professional will be ensuring perfect dedication with punctuality to use your time efficiently.

Progress update

Full time programmers & support professionals are competent enough to update your progress with necessary details. efficiently.

Package Flexibility

we ensure flexible packages for hiring experts at an hourly rate, part-time as well on a full time basis.

Absolute connectivity

Always stay connected via Instant Messenger with our project management system to avoid any miscommunicating to gain its perfection. your progress with necessary details. efficiently.

Proven project management

Indobit Technologies professionals follow stringent project management and development standards to meet the security measurement by signing nondisclosure agreement to save our client’s privacy.


We guarantee our professionalism and expertise are competent to work superior benefits for your projects that will reflect the experience and be the best choices you ever made.

No asset expenditure

Availing our dedicated professional service back-up, you can save more money investments in fixed assets & the infrastructure.

Expertise Talent

All of our full time web development team has at least five years of experience, we only hire the best.

Great service

Our services maintain licensed hardware, software, as well as high speed internet for our clients.


We are database programming pro. Nearly all of our projects implicate a database, or multiple databases. Databases are used to store product information, user accounts, sales information, customer profiles, and every type of image or text seen in any wearable app, mobile app, website, or software application.

Our database services include:

Database Architecture and Design
Database Administration
Performance Optimization
Database Clustering and Mirroring
Database Security
Data Quality Services
Master and Reference Data Management
Backup and Restore
Meta Data Management

We specialize database programming for:

MS SQL Databases
Access Databases
Oracle Databases
IBM DB2 Databases
MySQL Databases


mobile application that posts and retrieves data to and from a database when there is a cell connecttion and otherwise stores it on the device and waits to synchronize

Specialized diagramming and scripting techniques to change a database’s structure and update data relationships during database migrations - usually done as part of the modernizing of older data systems

Cross-linked databases from divergent sources, such as third-party web services, or third-party software using API’s, many other procedure systems integrations


Why procure proficient project managers? We live in a competitive world of technology. Today, people need to keep updating the latest technology to ensure that your existence has a solid web presence.

Incorporate Technology Ability

The amazing thing about Indobit Technologies is that we can consign you through all your advantage about how to facilitate a web project. Understanding how program works and what choices are available to you when implementing a new system, nothing is better than simplicity such as creating a website. Our professionals are constantly on the hunt for new specimen of technology and software. You will stay updated with the latest technology. The ideal project manager will be able to resolve the procedures and how to work on it.


Indobit Technologies are able to overlook everyone from web designer to software developers to establish that your need is taken care of. We are well-known in prior technology. You can be sure you are handled by professional project management.

PHP Development Service

Self-referentially short for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages. PHP can perform any task that any CGI program can do, but its strength lies in its compatibility with many types of databases. Also, PHP can talk across networks using IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, or HTTP. Nowadays largest social-media brands such as Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia deploy PHP for their server side programming. PHP brings cost-effective to your projects.

Getting Advance with PHP

Indobit Technology entitled of having the most dedicated PHP Programmers in Indonesia. Whether you want to appoint PHP Programmers for website development or customized from zero, we will provide you expertise and skill to take care of your requirements.

Why Appoint PHP Developers from Indobit?

Indobit Technology entitled of having the most dedicated PHP Programmers in Indonesia. Whether you want to appoint PHP Programmers for website development or customized from zero, we will provide you expertise and skill to take care of your requirements.


We distribute targeted solutions for website testing and assurance order to the needs of your business. From arrangement and procedure definition to testing approach and fully managed services. Indobit Technologies create automated functional tests for web. Use one test across multiple browsers. Covertyour functional tests into performance tests to increase test coverage and reduce testing time.

One Test Transversely Multiple Browsers

Cross Browser Testing is efficiently done while running one assessment against multiple browsers to save time and attempt. Choose among Python, VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#, or Delphi as scripting languages. Or use record and replay to create prosperous cross browser tests. Automate testing of dynamic controls such as AJAX, JavaScript and HTML5.

Deliver Predictable Website Performance

Design and execute performance, accentuation, and load tests for websites and web apps. Reiterate functional tests as performance tests. No need to code in order to change functional tests to performance tests. Create your first load test within a few seconds, even without any programming knowledge.


Trying to build a business is not easy and quite frankly, downright discouraging a lot of times during the early days. If you have a full time job, kids, extracurricular activities, or other "life" obligations, trying to squeeze out a few more hours a day or a week to build a business is pretty tough. For us, what really helped brighten some days, or gave us a bit more energy to keep going, was to come across success stories from e-commerce examples.

Furthermore, these e-commerce examples also gave Indobit Technologies some helpful insights into what strategies, tactics or tools that we used to build people’s businesses. We find these interesting and educational, even till this day.

When we first started building businesses, we found an awesome idea that develop successful entrepreneurs. What we appreciated about these idea is that the so called “overnight successes” happened over years of struggles and failures.

In addition to understanding strategies and tactics of how these big and small businesses used to grow their ventures, the idea also went deep into the psychology of the entrepreneurs, and what they struggled with. They’re just people after all, and we definitely related to their experiences and found that their stories gave us encouragement and strength to push through some solution for the barrier.

Warehouse Information System

Warehouse Management Systems have the effectiveness to participant with personnel in carrying out the detail processes prescribed to handle all of the major and many minor warehouse tasks of receiving, inspection and acceptance, put-away, internal replenishment to picking positions, picking, packing, order assembly on the shipping dock, documentation, and shipping (loading onto carrier vehicles); processes including directing and validating each step, capturing and recording all inventory movement and status changes to the data file.

An implemented WMS will be supported with assortment of communications technologies (radio frequency), Automatic ID technologies (Bar code, RFID, etc.), mobile computers, and occasionally with automated material handling (conveyors and sortation) and storage equipment (carousels, automatic storage and retrieval, etc.), that may be processed within the WMS and sent to the business host computer in support of financial transactions, Advance Ship Notice to customers, purchasing and inventory management.

Indobit Technology Warehouse Information System daily management functions include:






Our WMS uses a data base configured to support warehouse operations, containing detail describing a variety of standard warehouse elements including:

  • Individual Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) that are handled and stored. SKUs may include basic materials, fabricated parts, assemblies, and industrial and consumer finished goods.
  • Warehouse storage locations
  • Dock doors
  • Expected labor productivity rates by function or activity

Information System Development Plan

The Information Systems Development Plan (ISDP) is designed to administer a consistent, repeatable process for developing systems. By referencing, utilizing and applying the techniques within this methodology, development teams have a standard framework necessary to efficiently and effectively scope a project, conduct analysis, define and design the solution, create the system modules and evaluate the system after its implementation.

The ISDP is a living document with a built-in anticipation of continued growth and evolution parallel to the changing industry practices. This methodology will be properly enforced, and is intended for all system development efforts.

Credit Union Information System

Indobit Technologies CU Information Systems is a leader in the development of advanced core processing systems for credit unions. From our revolutionary fully integrated real-time general ledger developed to our newest browser based core processing system, Indobit Technologies has remained on the cutting edge of technology for over decades.

The advantages to using browser-based technology for your core data processing system are numerous. First and foremost your personnel will be amazed at how easy Indobit Software System is to operate and learn. Many of your personnel members already have experience using the Internet and since it works just like the web your personnel will instantly feel comfortable navigating the software.

Secondly the Indobit Software System is easy to deploy, that means that there is no special software that needs to be loaded on your workstation PC’s in order to run the system. That reduces overhead and simplifies your infrastructure which is a huge advantage for those credit unions who don’t have their own IT Department.